Dances Taught

One of the joys of Line Dancing is being able to go out on the floor and have a great time. Our fun is only diminished when we dance beside people whom may be less than enthusiastic about our space.

I am sure we have all danced in places where someone has either dropped a glass or spilled a drink on the floor resulting in a danger for the dancers.

The following attempts to list some simple guidelines that if followed should help to ensure that all have an enjoyable time. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, Email them to me and I will be glad to include them.

-- DO -- DO -- DO --DO -- DO -- DO --DO -- DO -- DO --
-- DO NOT -- DO NOT -- DO NOT -- DO NOT -- DO NOT --
We are very careful when carrying any drinks or food of any type across the dance floor.

Encourage and support beginners. A few kind words helps to make a new friend.

If you are starting off a dance, go to the front so that other's can then line up behind you.

Sometimes the teacher will call for a split floor dance with designated areas for each dance to the same music to be performed. Please respect this area and only dance the versions called for by the teacher. Be gracious and apologise if you get into a collision on the floor no matter who is at fault.

Generally no freestyle or couples dancing is performed during line dance class unless the teacher has specifically stated that freestyle or couple dancing is allowed around the outside. If the teacher has permitted this please remember that the floor is made up of Line Dancers in the centre, Pattern Dancers outside the center and freestyle couple dancers on the extreme outside.

Show appreciation. Applaud live acts, instructors and DJ's - they work hard for you.

Always start facing the wall designated for that club, 'usually facing the DJ'.

Keep your head up,, Have fun,, Keep smiling,, and don't worry about your feet...They will always find there way if your mind tells them which way to go...
Never dance with a drink or glass in your hand. If spilled it can be very dangerous to unsuspecting dancers.

Walk across the dance floor through a line of dancers. We wait until the dance is over or walk around the outside.

Stand on the floor and chat or talk loudly on the side while lessons are being taught so as to disrupt other students.

While it is common to help new dancers on the floor, try not to call out the steps to other dancers as it interferes with many others on the floor and might cause confusion to less experienced dancers.

Do a dance different from that commonly done by most dancers unless the teacher has specifically called for a split floor dance.

Take up more floor space than that generally required by most dancers. As the floor becomes crowded, we take smaller steps so as to avoid contact with other dancers.

Stop in the middle of a dance to teach or show others the step pattern.

Let our feet, knees, arms or elbows become dangerous weapons on the dance floor. Uncontrolled swinging of the arms and kicking with the feet can cause tripping and or serious injury to other dancers.

Show off. Uncontrolled spins, uncommon variations, high kicks, jumps and heavy stomps may confuse other dancers and just put people off.