Dances Taught


March 2015 marks the completion by Tammy Wyatt of 22 years in Line Dance Instruction throughout Southern Ontario.

Tammy originally taught her first class on March 23, 1993 at the Knights of Columbus hall in Oakville Ontario. Since then she has taught at many country nightclub venues, legions, schools, outdoor summer events, company seminars, street dances, private functions, community centres, parties and numerous other events.

As well she has taught on Carribean cruise ships, local dinner cruises, weddings and more recently at several Recreational Vehicle rally's.

Over the past 22 years she has met and taught literally thousands of us the fun, enjoyment and friendship that comes from being a member of the line dance community. She has helped keep us active and engaged in this wonderful activity and has yet to show any real signs of slowing down. She has helped make all of our lives, happier, healthier and much richer with her exceptional personality.

Tammy is recognized as one of the outstanding line dance teachers in Canada and has received awards for her teaching efforts. She has spawned many dancers to go on to competitive events resulting in a couple of world championships for those students. As well she has helped some of her students to become instructors and as well dance choreographers. Tammy has choreographed a number of dances and has helped launch the music careers of a few local musical artists.

Tammy has taught literally thousands and thousands of dances over the years with over 6500 line dance tracks that she has in her repertoire. She can pick up a step sheet while we are dancing to another tune, (no matter how complicated it may be) and teach it to us as soon as the current dance is over. How does she do it?

Make sure you take the time to wish her continued success the next time you see her or attend one of her classes.