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Choreography by: Maggie Gallagher

A -- 32 count, 4 wall, Intermediate level line dance

Music: Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) by Shakira Featuring Freshlyground

Intro: 32 Counts (21 secs)
SEC 1 Right Samba, Left Samba, Rock Recover, Triple 3/4 Turn Right
1 & 2 Cross right over left, Rock left to left side, Recover on right
3 & 4 Cross left over right, Rock right to right side, Recover on left
5 - 6 Rock forward on right, Recover on left,
7 & 8 Triple 3/4 Right stepping right left right [9]
SEC 2 Walk L Walk R, Left Mambo, Walk Back Stomp Left, Hold, Ball Step
1 - 2 Walk forward left, Walk forward right
3 & 4 Rock forward on left, Step back on right, Step back on left
5 - 6 Walk back right, Stomp back left behind right
75 - 6 HOLD
& 8 tep right next to left, Step forward on left
SEC 3 Out Out, In In, Rock Recover, Behind Side Cross
1 - 2 Step right forward and out to right side, Step left forward and out to left side
3 - 4 Step right in next to left, Step left in next to right
Optional arms for fun! Join hands in prayer position in front of chest elbows out to side. As you step out right roll right shoulder and elbow to right side, As you step out left roll left shoulder and elbow to left side, repeat stepping in
5 - 6 Rock to right side, Recover on left
7 & 8 Cross right behind left, Step left to left side, Cross right over left
SEC 4 Sway Down Left, Sway Right, Step Up L R, Behind Side Cross, Rock Right Down, Step Up Left
1 - 2 Sway hips to left side bending down on knees, Staying down sway hips over to right side
3 - 4 Step up on to left, Step up on to right (feet slightly apart)
5 & 6 Cross left behind right, Step right to right side, Cross left over right
7 - 8 Rock to right side bending down on knees, Step up on left to left side

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