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Choreography by: Norman Gifford

A -- 32 count, 4 wall, Beg/Int level line dance

Music: Good Directions by Billy Currington

Crossover, replace, side shuffle-steps, crossover, side shuffle-steps turning ¼ left 
1-2	  Right crossover, left replace 
3&4	  Shuffle steps to the right side (RLR) 
5-6	  Left crossover, right replace 
7&8	  Shuffle step to the left side (LRL) turning ¼ left [9:00] 
Step forward, pivot turn ½ left, shuffle steps forward, step forward, toe touch, back-lock-steps 
1-2	  Right step forward; pivot turn ½ left [3:00] 
3&4	  Shuffle-steps forward (RLR) 
5-6	  Left step forward; right toe tap behind/outside left heel 
7&8	  Right step back; left lock-step across right; right step back 
Rock step, side shuffle steps, crossvine with rondè behind 
1-2	  Left rock back; right recover forward 
3&4	  Chassè to the left side (LRL) 
5-6	  Right crossover; left step side 
7-8	  Right cross behind; left sweep behind (do not take weight on left) 
Step behind, step side turning ¼ right, shuffle steps, step forward, ¼ turn hitch left, step forward, brush 
1-2	  Left step behind; right step side turning ¼ right [6:00] 
3&4	  Shuffle steps forward (LRL) 
5-6	  Right step forward; swivel turn ¼ left hooking left up across right [3:00] 
7-8	  Left step forward; right brush across 

Taught by Tammy January 2007

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