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Choreography by: Joey Warren

A -- 32 count, 4 wall, Intermediate level line dance

Music: Gimme More by Britney Spears

*Start the Dance 32 counts after the first 4 beats of the song! 
R Step out, Step L to R, Step back and Touch, Step-Touch 1/4 Turn, L Chase Turn 
1 - 2 Step R out to R (angle body to R diagonal), Step L beside R (center body to front) 
3 - 4 Step back on R dragging L foot back as you step back, Touch L to L side 
& 5 6 Step L beside R, Touch R to R side, 1/4 Turn R taking weight on R foot 
7 & 8 Step forward on L, Pivot 1/2 R taking weight on L, 1/4 turn R touch L to side 
Shoulder Pops x2, Cross 1/4 turn, Rock recover, Touch and Touch 
1 - 2 Push L shoulder to L side, Push R shoulder to R side (weight on R) 
& 3 4 Step back on L slightly, Cross R over, 1/4 L stepping L foot forward 
5 & 6 1/4 Turn L rocking out on R foot, Recover on L, Touch R toe forward 
7 - 8 Step R foot next to L, Touch L toe back (dip body down as you touch on 6,8) 
Walk x4, Out-Out with look, Look center, Hip Bumps x2 
1 - 2 Step forward on L foot, Step forward on R foot 
3 - 4 Step forward on L foot, Step forward on R foot 
& 5 6 Step out on L foot, Step out on R foot/look to R side, Look back to center 
7 - 8 Bump hips to R, Bump hips to L 
Body Rolls x2, Rock-Recover-Step, Step 1/4 Turn L, 1/2 Turn L with R touch 
1 - 2 Roll butt back/up (start with knees bent and as you roll straighten them) 
3 - 4 Body roll start at chest / finishing at hips (lean to L slightly when you roll) 
5 & 6 Rock R foot behind the L, Recover to L, Step R to R side 
7 - 8 1/4 Turn L Stepping forward on L foot, 1/2 Turn L on L foot-touch R toe beside L 

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