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Choreography by: Will Craig

A -- 32 count, 4 wall, Intermediate level line dance

Music: The Big Bang by The Rock Mafia

Cha-Cha Basic, Touch Back With The Right, Turn ½ Right, Kick And Touch
1 - 3 Step to the right side with the right, rock left forward, recover back to right
4 & 5 Chassé side left, right, left
6 - 7 Touch right back, turn ½ right
8 & 1 Kick left forward, bring left back to right, touch right forward
Hold And Step With A Turn ¼ Left, Walk Forward, Rock Recover Turn ½ Left, Walk, Walk, ¾ Turn Left With A Sweep With Left
2 & 3 Hold for count 2, bring right back to left, step forward with the left making a ¼ to the left
4 - 5 & Walk forward with the right, rock forward with the left, recover back to right
6 - 7 Turn ½ left and step forward on the left, step forward with the right
8 - 1 Step forward to the left prepping for the turn, step right while making a ¾ turn left sweeping the left around Should be back facing the wall you started on
Behind Side Cross In Front And Cross In Front, Walk Forward Twice Skates Back Twice, Big Slide Right
2 & 3 Step behind with the left, step to the side with the right, cross the left in front of the right
& 4 - 5 Step right to side, cross left over right, walk forward on the right
6 - 7 Step left forward, skate back on the right
8 - 1 Skate back on the left, take a big step to the right side
Coaster Step, Step Lock Step, Turn ¼ Left Pressing On The Left, Side Together, Side Together
2 & 3 Step back on the left, bring right to left, step left forward
4 & 5 Locking chassé forward right, left, right
6 - 7 & Turn ¼ left pressing weight on the left, side step with the right, bring left to right
8 & Side step with right, bring left to right
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