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Choreography by: Shaz Walton

A -- 32 count, 4 wall, Intermediate level line dance

Music: Apologize by Timberland featuring oneRepublic

Cross lunge. Hitch round. Back. Side. Cross rock side. Side. ½ hitch. Rock. Recover. Rock. Recover. Lunge
1 Facing right diagonal front cross left over right & lunge forward.
& 2 Hitch right foot over (smoothly) as you face left diagonal front. Cross step right over left.
& 3 Step back on left. Straighten up as you step right to right side.
& 4 & Cross rock left over right. Recover on right. Step left to left side.
5 & Take a large step to right with right. Make a ½ turn left smoothly hitching your left knee up.
6 & Rock forward on left. Recover on right.
7 & 8 Rock left to left side. Recover on right. Cross step left & lunge.
Back. Drag. Together. Walk. Walk. ¼ cross. side. Together. Side. Rock. Recover. ¼. ¾ point.
1 & 2 Take a large step back on right. Slide left back towards right. Step left beside right.
& 3 Walk forward right. Walk forward left (make these “small run steps”)
& 4 Make ¼ right as you cross step right over left. Step left to left side.
& 5 Step right beside left. Step left large step to left.
6 & Rock right behind left. Recover on left.
7 - 8 Make ¼ right as you step right forward. Make ¾ turn right with left hitched-point left to left side.
1/4 back rock. Recover. ½ rock recover. Ball step. Sweep. Back. Back. Step. Spiral.
1 - 2 Make ¼ left as you rock back on left. Recover on right.
& 3 - 4 Make ½ turn right as you step back on left. Rock back on right. Recover on left.
& 5 Step right beside left. Step left forward.
6 & 7 sweep right from back to front, cross step it over left. Step back left. Step back right.
& 8 Step forward left. Make full spiral turn right, ending with right hooked over left knee.
Side. Rock. Recover. Cross. step. Cross (drag) ¼ right. Crouch. Recover. Rock. Recover. (sway) Hitch.
1 - 2 Step large step right with right. Rock back on left.
& 3 Recover on right. Step left to left side.
& 4 Cross step right over left. Step left large step to left side. (Dragging right up)
5 - 6 Make ¼ turn right stepping right forward. Bring left to right as you crouch down facing right diagonal.(Weight on right)
(Optional arms: as you make the ¼ turn – circle arms loosely in an anti clockwise direction- as you touch your left foot beside right- clench your fists & hold them close to your body)
7 & 8 Recover to standing position as you rock out to left. Recover on right. (Feet need to be apart here) Hitch left knee up.
2 wall. Dance up to count 24- replace the full spiral with a step forward on the right foot & start the dance again. You will be on the 3 o'clock wall.
On 5th wall. Dance the dance to the very end. Execute the last 3 count (Rock. Recover. (sway) Hitch.) But this time prolong the hitch & hold for 2 counts (be dramatic!) Start the dance again facing 9 o'clock wall

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